Henry Clarence. 1924-2017

Margot Smith forwarded this in an email to berkeleygraypanthers

Henry was in a nursing home in Grass Valley, CA near his daughter.

I just heard of his passing today, condolences to Judy Clarence may be at Caring Bridge "Henry Clarence moved on to his next adventure at around 9:15 this morning after slow deterioration the last few days. The end was peaceful. I could tell he was declining--I spent several hours with him yesterday and he was only barely responsive.

Sadly, I wasn't there for his last moments--the nurses called me to tell me the end was near, and by the time I got there (I'm about a half hour away) he had died. The family arrived soon after.

There will be no funeral--his ashes will be scattered on Mt Shasta, a sacred place for him, sometime in the coming months. "

Judy Clarence